Summary of Course Structure – NRL Sports Trainers 2015

Leaguesafe 14 years $20 Current Leaguesafe E-Learning 3 HOURS On-Field Trainers -Minimum
Level 1 Sport's Trainer 18 years $180

Provide First Aid
Role of the Trainer
Safety in Rugby League
Injury Assessment

Face to Face
(NRL and SMA)




1 per MATCH for 6 -12 year

1 per TEAM for 13s and above.


Level 1 Sport's Trainers     Head & Spinal Injury / Concussion
Sports Taping
On the Job Training


10 HOURS No match can start without L1 Sports Trainer(s) in attendance.
Level 2 Sport's Trainer 20 years $350

Advanced Resuscitation
Strength & Conditioning
Sport Psychology
Advanced Taping
Drugs In Sports
Legal Considerations

Face to Face
4 DAYS Representative Teams / Higher level competitions

Rugby League is a contact sport and, as such, the National Rugby League provides policy direction to ensure the safest possible playing environment across all ages.
As part of a risk management approach to the prevention of, and appropriate attention to, injuries and illness in Rugby League, it is important that adequate and timely first aid is provided as a service to all players.
The NRL’s On-field Policy provides for the attendance of appropriately qualified and skilled sports trainers to provide the best care possible for the game’s participants.
In the same way that coaches and referees are integral to the fabric of the Code, trainers play a significant role in the preparation of, and ongoing care, of players on match day.

The Game’s On-field Policy
LEAGUESAFE is an online injury and illness awareness course and is NOT a trainer qualification/accreditation. It is the minimum requirement for all people who run messages and provide water to players on-field.

No more than two LEAGUESAFE personnel from any one team can enter the field of play, unless invited by the Referee to do so.

LEAGUESAFE qualification is valid across all age groups from 6’s to senior grades.

For all Rugby League matches – from Under 6 to senior grades - there is a requirement that a match may only commence if there is a NRL Level 1 or Level 2 Sports Trainer in attendance.

An accredited NRL Sports Trainer (Level 1 or Level 2) is required for each match at Under 6 to Under 12 age groups, whilst a minimum Level 1Sports Trainer must be assigned to each junior International and senior team. It is preferred that at least two (2) be available plus at least one (1) Leaguesafe Trainer per team.

The Level 1 and Level 2 Sports Trainer Courses are intensive Face to Face Courses conducted over two and four days, respectively.

» All official personnel over the age of (14) years who enter the field of play, must possess a minimum of an NRL Leaguesafe Certificate of Completion or an Accredited Sports Trainer Statement of Attainment and an NRL ID Number.
» No person other than a NRL Accredited Level 1 Sports Trainer or Level 2 Sports Trainer, or those with pre-determined NRL acceptance, shall administer first aid or offer advice to an injured / ill player. Personnel with other qualifications must be ratified by the Sport Trainer Education Coordinator and equate with the NRL Sports Trainer Scheme, to receive a Statement of Attainment and an NRL ID Number;
» All injuries / illnesses assessed by the qualified Sports Trainer must be recorded in the NRL Injury Report Booklet;
» Each player shall complete the NRL Medical Advice Card before his / her first training or playing commitment. This will be the responsibility of the designated Accredited NRL Sports Trainer to ensure all cards are completed and kept up to date. As part of the Club’s duty of care, this process should be fully supported by Club Officials. All Privacy Laws must be adhered to;
» The Accredited NRL Sports Trainer shall, at all times (whilst a game is in progress) be in a position to respond quickly should an injury / illness occur;
» The Accredited NRL Sports Trainer shall have the final say on whether a player should continue in the game and, subsequently, when to resume playing in the game. If a doctor is on duty at the venue, he / she shall make this decision. Serious injuries requiring a Medical Clearance prior to the resumption of training / playing must be presented to the Club’s Accredited NRL Sports Trainer;
» If an Accredited NRL Level 1 or Level 2 Sports Trainer is not in attendance, the game(s) shall not commence under any circumstances until such (qualified) person is available;
» Anyone entering the field of play must wear appropriate, enclosed footwear at all times.

The NRL Accredited Sports Trainers are the only On-Field personnel who are to assist and manage an injured or ill player and are identified with the following coloured shirts on match day:

(Minimum qualification to enter the field of play)
NOTE: The words NRL LEAGUESAFE must be printed on the back of the shirt / vest.

Access to the field is limited to:
i) When his / her team is in possession to conduct interchange and to administer water only;
ii) When a try has been scored;
iii) During a “time out” called by the Referee for an injury;
iv) During technical stoppages in play (EXCEPT SCRUMS). On-field personnel are not allowed on the field of play after the Referee has ordered a scrum until the ball has emerged and a team is in possession;
vi) Must enter and leave the field of play from an on-side position.

» To administer water
» To assist in the interchange process
» To convey messages


NOTE: LEVEL 1 TRAINER to be printed on back of shirt or vest.

Access to the field is unlimited to attend an injured / ill player and to administer water (relevant to all age groups).

» Assist, by observing and monitoring players during play, as well as those who have been removed from the field of play through injury / illness;
» Assist an injured / ill player on and off the field of play at training and / or a game.


NOTE: LEVEL 2 TRAINER or HEAD TRAINER to be printed on back of shirt or vest.

Access to the field is unlimited to attend an injured / ill player and to administer water (relevant to all age groups).

The Head Trainer will be the most senior person within the NRL Sports Trainer team and will supervise all on-field personnel, including Leaguesafe.

» The Accredited NRL Head Trainer will make the final decision on a player’s welfare in the absence of a medical professional;
» Coaches / Administrators / Players must comply with the decision of the NRL Head Trainer at all times;
» All directions given to on-field personnel by the Head Trainer must be adhered to at all times.
» The Level 2 Sports Trainer / Head Trainer is the only person of the on-field personnel who may approach a Referee or Touch Judge in relation to player welfare-related concerns; they cannot instruct an official on how to referee a game but only express concerns directly related to player welfare. This is to be done in a respectful manner and only occur during technical stoppages of play. (For example, when a try has been scored or at half-time.) In the absence of a Level 2 Sports Trainer in attendance, the most experienced Level 1 Sports Trainer in attendance may approach a Match Official on a matter of player welfare, however, the same restrictions apply.

All Rugby League trainers acting in an official capacity are bound by the NRL’s On-field Policy and Code of Conduct. For electronic versions of the On-Field Policy and Code of Conduct, go to

Brad Levy
National Education, Training & Research Manager

Geoff Todd
National Sports Trainer Coordinator

DATED: January, 2015