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Attendance: John Cullen, Ray Pettit, Nathan Grace, Lenny Duroux, David Dunn,
Apologies: Vasco Baston Bill Gibbons, Jacob Nelson, Lloyd Lynwood, Faron Nelson, Ken Hoad, Barry Heffernan, Craig Craigie, Warren Gilkinson, Jim Anderson, Paul Parkinson
The Meeting opened at 7.10pm with an Acknowledgement of Country, recited by John Cullen.
The meeting observed 1 minute’s silence for the passing of Paul Parkinson’s father on the weekend in a hospice near Newcastle and the sudden passing last week of Steve Wilmen, a life member of Sawtell club and current member of the Group 2 Judiciary.
No new members applied for admission into the Group 2 Referees.
Treasurer’s Report: Balance in BCU Account: $2,621. Major outlays recently include $260 to Jacob Nelson for Wollongong camp. $3,437.50 for new shorts, sox and jerseys for junior league referees, to improve presentation and lift standards throughout the region on Saturday mornings at junior league. $384 for junior league registrations of referees, $1260 to CRL for insurance of referees in 2016.
Meeting moved to reimburse $300 to John Cullen, loaned to Association to establish a new account at BCU , Coffs Harbour(decision at previous meeting) to streamline accounts as Coastline Credit Union has no branches in Coffs Harbour.
Meeting also endorsed a 50% share of cost of attending CRL Mid Year meeting at Rooty Hill in Sydney.
Sponsorship Update: $5000 received from Telstra , already new gear was being worn by junior league referees and touch judges in a boost for our junior members, Ray Pettit has been instrumental in securing this sponsorship and now is working tirelessly to get these young members to wear their uniforms with pride and perform each weekend in a competent manner. We all need to get behind these new members and encourage them to referee with distinction as well as enthusiasm.
Coffs Hotel owe $1666, the final payment in the current 3 Year deal. Nambucca RSL (20 year sleeve sponsor) have been sent an outline of our wishes to purchase some training equipment, they have given us $1000 in recent years. Dealer Direct (Coffs Harbour) have expressed an interest in a possible jersey sponsorship and would like to speak with us again early in 2017. Jason Slaviero (Director) and Paul Stroud (owner-manager) are particularly interested in expanding their advertising into weekend sport, with the chance to get their name into the Grafton area every weekend. The prospects of our sponsorship situation are very healthy. This augers well for future years.

Mid Year Reports:
· CRL Referees Association Meeting in Sydney-John Cullen reported on this meeting.
· Tributes acknowledging the passing of patron and life member Nick Best and a tribute to Max Tomsett, a Balmain member, who touch judged in 9 Sydney Grand Finals and the very first State of Origin match.
· RDO Willy Barnes congratulated Billy Greatbach on his rise through the ranks of junior rep. matches to go from Country official to NRL National Youth Competition.
· Robert Bowen spoke of his role as a Recruitment and Retention Officer and said he wants to assist group who need help.
· General account $54,664.46
· Group 2 $49,000 in bank. Best in 20 years. Outstanding effort with rep. costs covered.
· Team sheets need to be checked more thoroughly before being signed.
· After Tuesday of the week after a match, video evidence can still be assessed, if a citing is imminent.
· Ladies League Tag to be conducted in 2017
· Junior League 23 put through Level 1 course at Sawtell recently, 2 ladies, 11 girls and 10 boys for Schools League Tag. 15 also put through NRL Level 1 at Kempsey. This is excellent for junior league and schoolboy competitions, where touch judges can assist senior referees for school competitions. It also gives junior league clubs more qualified people to call on, after the winter school break ends.
· Invoices to be prepared for clubs who have gained by junior referees being qualified, now registration must be paid for (U18 $20, over 18 $80.)
· Judiciary 30 players are currently suspended from Group 2 in senior or junior league, highest in NSW Country at present. Another 5 are appearing tonight from an U16 match last weekend, this is a very worrying trend for all in Group 2.The Orara –Woolgoolga 1st grade match last weekend also had players sent off from both teams with 10 a side at one stage with 2 in the sin bin. One player tonight, is appearing with a water bottle sprayed, George Burgess style, on a match official. It is getting to a point where drastic action may need to be taken, few people are asked to put up with such disgraceful behaviour in any normal activity.
· A letter will be sent to every club reminding all players of automatic sin-bin for punching and a guarantee of players being dismissed if a melee takes place. The players who join in will be held accountable. This will be distributed to all clubs before next weekend’s round.

· All active Group 2 referees and touch judges are asked to attend a mandatory meeting next Tuesday 19th July at Coffs Harbour Leagues Club commencing at 6 pm. Any member who does not attend this meeting will be fined $50.
1. A frank and open discussion was held on the pros and cons of the current judiciary procedures. Tough love in junior league is not working.
2. Senior referees need to do more tutoring on correct filling out of dismissal sheets as many reaching Judiciary are abominable.
3. Congratulations to junior members Nick Willer and Jacob Nelson, on their appointment to the Combined Universities State of Origin match between NSW and QLD, this Saturday 16th July at Geoff King Motors Oval. Congratulations are also extended to Nathan Grace, who will referee this prestigious contest and can add this appointment to his illustrious resume.
4. NAIDOC report delivered by John Cullen (thanks to Lloyd Lynwood): The round was very well received by an appreciative crowd at Coramba for the Axemen-Ghosts match. There was an Elder “Welcome To Country” by Aunty Jenny Skinner. The national anthem was sung by a young indigenous girl Jailena Craig. A jumping castle was enjoyed by many children, Face Painting was also provided free for younger people in attendance. NAIDOC Week merchandise was distributed for those present. Indigenous members of our Association officiated in both matches. All in all, a wonderful promotion of NAIDOC week, which allowed patrons to reflect on the magnificent contribution ATSIC people have made to our nation and how Rugby League benefits from that involvement and contribution.
5. Discussion flowed from this point. The meeting felt that in 2017, all referees could participate in a small but constructive way, by wearing a special jersey with Gumbainggirr theme, based on NAIDOC message for the season, designed by a local indigenous artist. In this way all members could join the theme weekend, supporting the reconciliation theme of NAIDOC week. This does not change anything, members still could see the value of having one ground actually officiated by indigenous members, as a powerful message of celebration, it just spreads the message further and sends a signal to all clubs on that weekend, that this is a significant occasion.
6. Some referees still owe registration fees for 2016, to be addressed soon.
7. Telstra promo soon to get publicity out there for their magnificent sponsorship.
Meeting finished at 8.50 pm

Minutes of 9th February 2016 can be downloaded HERE

Minutes of 22nd March 2016 can be downloaded HERE

Minutes of 12th April 2016 can be downloaded HERE

Minutes of 12th July 2016 can be downloaded HERE


Meeting held at Coffs Harbour Hotel on Saturday 29th August, 2015.
Commenced  5.30pm   Finished   6.50 pm
Voting strength  =  10 +proxies

Present: Kevin Durbidge, Steve Spear ,Ray Pettit, John Cullen, Craig Craigie, Nathan Grace, Vasco Baston, Jacob Nelson, Josh Gorman, Darrell Wallbridge, Matt Verry
Kevin Durbidge kindly offered to be Returning Officer while visitor Steve Toms (NRRRL Referees Development Officer) was prepared to be a scrutineer if needed.

PROXY VOTES: None were declared.
Apologies: Bill Gibbons(overseas in Japan) Jim Anderson, Warren Gilkinson,  Paul Parkinson, Ken Hoad
The Minutes for the 2014 AGM were read and accepted. Moved as correct by Kevin Durbidge, seconded by Nathan Grace.
John Cullen advised the meeting that the Final Financial Statement for the year would be presented by Craig Craigie. Craig presented a full, detailed audited Financial Report for the year from 1st July, 2014 until 30th June, 2015 as per Dept. of Fair Trading request re financial reporting for non-profit sporting organisations. Our Financial reporting for the second statement was from 1st July, 2015 until the present time. This new reporting method for financial records will continue from now on. Current accounts show a healthy situation with $3005 in the bank. Craig answered questions from the floor and then explained all payments from the season for travel and the Finals series will be forwarded as soon as the Group forwards the funds into our accounts. Members will receive their remaining 2015 payments in the next few days. Group CAO Jim Anderson has deposited the funds into our accounts for distribution to members.
Craig was thanked by John Cullen for his tremendous work in both junior and senior league financials.
President Ray Pettit tabled a verbal report and the Secretary John Cullen issued a written report outlining the 2015 season highlights and thanking our sponsors:  Marty & Donna Phillips (Coffs Hotel) ,Ron Davis (Davis Self Storage) and Nambucca Heads RSL Club.

PATRON Marty Phillips
Nathan Grace
HONORARY AUDITOR Sam Gilchrist (John Cullen to approach ) Sam works in Coffs Harbour Land Council office.

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE OTHER THAN ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE:  Vasco Baston, Matt Verry  plus President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer

NOMINATIONS FOR APPOINMENTS BOARD Because no Appointments’ Board operated this year, discussion centered around whether a Board would exist in 2016 or whether another internal panel would operate for referee selections under a chairman. If an Appointments Board was reinstated the meeting threw up a few names that would be acceptable to be members of an Appointments Board: They were :Steve Spear, Col Cooper, Ray Pettit and John Cullen.

Discussion confirmed the Judiciary will be elected at the Group 2 AGM. Chairperson Bill Gibbons is overseas , however all 2015 members of Judiciary would be invited to stand for 2016.These are Mr. Bill Gibbons, Mr. Steve Wilmen, Mr. John Cullen,  Mr. Craig Duncan, Mr. Kevin Durbidge, Ms. Lara Nurpuri, Mr. Steve Spear. It is crucial a couple of extra members be available in any week, to cover absences from members that can occur from time to time. Ms Nurpuri is finishing her term shortly and is moving to Brisbane for work reasons. There is a northern group for cases in Coffs Harbour and a southern group who meet at Nambucca Heads.

2016 President: $200
2016 Secretary/Treasurer $400
No change was suggested from the 2015 rates.

It was decided to maintain these at the same rate as last year, i.e. no increase
All members acting as Group 2 match officials in Competition Rounds:$80
Associate non-active or Social members:$20
Junior Members: $68 (JL Match official over 18 years)
Members in attendance enjoyed a pleasant meal with some partners joining us. Our major sponsor Marty Phillips presented Nathan with Referee of the Year Award. Mr. Peter Wilson, (CRL Regional Administration Coordinator) presented the Most Improved Referee in absentia to Julian Hulbert .Steve Toms(CRL Referees Development Officer) presented the Ken Smith Trophy . The recipients were:               
Ken Smith Award for Most Improved Touch Judge: Jarrod Sadler
                Most Improved Referee : Julian Hulbert
                Referee of the Year President’s Award: Nathan Grace
All in attendance enjoyed a great meal and drinks on the Association A series of fun awards added to the enjoyment of the evening after the formal awards were presented. Thanks to Ray Pettit for these humorous, fun awards which gave us all some great laughs. The night finished with a relaxing sharing of memories from season 2015.We hope our new young members relish the opportunity to be members of a special referees coaching academy when it starts later this year. Many names have been submitted from this association.

John Cullen (Hon. Secretary, 31/8/15.)

Nil Current Report



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