In any contact with the media (TV, Radio Print) members are advised that permission must be granted by the any two (2) of the following Association Executive (, President, Secretary, Snr Vice President, Jun Vice President) to comment on any matter.

As a guideline the following are considered relevant and pro-active for the game:
∙Referees are free to explain any rulings or points of law regarding their game.
∙Comments on any NRL or CRL matches or positive refereeing decisions.
∙Explanations on how you are assessed
∙Comments on the general standard of Rugby League in Country NSW and beyond
∙Explanations on any law of rule of the game
∙Comments on enjoyable aspects of refereeing
∙Personal experiences from past refereeing performances
∙Training methods and general fitness work for refereeing
∙Rules and Laws of the Game. Classes for new referees.

The following matters are areas where members ARE NOT allowed/permitted to comment:
∙Predictions about the results of any Group 2 match
∙Selection for winning teams of any Group 2 fixtures
∙Selection of players in any Group 2 representative team
∙Appointment of any referee in any round of the competition
∙Best & Fairest point winners in any match
∙Performance of colleagues in any particular match
∙Faults and weaknesses perceived in the assessment system of your performance

As a general guideline, if any aspect is not covered above (in regard to commenting through the media) at all times the Rugby League, CRL, Group 2 and Members of this Association shall be put in a positive light. Any negative comments in regard to the above Rugby League bodies or other bodies associated with Rugby League shall be deemed to have breached this Media Code of Conduct.
This also applies to internet social networking sites. eg Twitter, Facebook

Is a referee or touch judge is found to have breached this code of conduct they shall appear before the Association Executive to determine whether there is a case to answer. If it is determined that a member has a case to answer, the matter will be handed over to the Group 2 Management Committee for further investigation and determination of guilt or innocence.
If found guilty the Group 2 Executive will determine an appropriate penalty.

NOTE: This Code of Conduct has been arrived at after consultation with Group 2 CRL ,Members of this Association and media representatives within Group 2 .