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This booklet has been prepared to assist new members to assimilate into our Association. Please read it carefully as it will be of help to understand the "workings" of this Association and Group 2 of CRL of NSW of whom we are an affiliated member.

Membership is restricted to:
a) Persons holding a NSW/Australian Referees Certificate. These are known as MEMBERS , ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (who have no voting rights) or JUNIOR MEMBERS (who have voting rights) and are either ACTIVE or NON-ACTIVE.
Note: The definition of a Junior Members is any person who officiates as a touch judge or referee in any match under the control of Group 2 Junior League and receives no moneys in excess of a nominal amount for their services. Associate members would generally be defined as members of this Association who are non active but wish to be a member of this Assoc
b) Any other person that is admitted to membership by the General Committee of this Association. These are known as SOCIAL MEMBERS and have no voting rights but are still welcome to attend meetings of the Association.
The Secretary Treasurer has been empowered by the Association to grant PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP of the Association to any person he/she considers have appropriate qualifications to join. These persons can be granted FULL MEMBERSHIP at the first General Committee meetings of the Association after membership application is received by the Hon Secretary/Treasurer of the Association. Provisional Membership shall lapse after 32 days from the date your application was received by the Assoc Secretary. Group 2 Junior members and Social Members DO NOT have to attend an Association Meeting to gain full Junior Membership status. You MUST complete a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and a NRAS REGISTRATION FORM. These must be completed or membership will be refused.

Membership Fees for this Association have been set for 2016 at:
Members $80.00
Social Members $20.00
Associate Members $20.00
Junior Active Members $5.00 (If registered by Group 2 Junior League.)
Note: (An amount of $60.00 Insurance will usually be paid by the Junior League Club that you referee with. If Under 18years of age and still going to school the CRL will pay Insurance. You MUST apply for this to the CRL.)
Fees are due with Membership Application/Registration or on the last day of Feb each year.

No Workers Comprehensive Insurance is provided by Group 2. Insurance is compulsory for ALL JUNIOR AND SENIOR REFEREES. Senior referees will have their insurance paid by this Assoc. See note above regarding insurance for Junior Referees. All CRL/SLE Insurance expires on 31st December each year. Please read FAQ Page on this web site for more information in regard to insurance.

These are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Coffs Harbour Hotel or Nambucca RSL Club, commencing at 7.00pm. during the football season.
As a Junior Member, Social or Non-active Member you will have no voting rights .
Active Members will have voting rights after attending three meetings of the Assoc except for the first meeting of the year usually the Feb meeting.

These must be purchased by members. (UHF models) They can be purchased from most electrical retailers for around $60.00. They are used by Touch Judges and Referees at grounds to communicate to each other whilst officiating.

At the present time we are sponsored by Coffs Harbour Hotel ($5000 over three years) ,Nambucca Hds RSL ($1000.00) Tooheys New $1000.00, Davis Alarm Self Storage and in 2016 Telstra. We ask you to support these sponsors.
Sponsorship patches are provided. COFFS HOTEL ON BACK OF JUMPER , and Nambucca RSL on LEFT HAND SLEEVE.
Referees' Jumper MUST BE PURCHASED from this Association at a cost of $45.00. Black shorts are free as are socks and Judiciary Books..
You will also be required to purchase the following:
1 UHF Radio from a retailer of your choice
Optional Purchases
Embroidered Association polo shirts. $10 .00 (red & gray) and $20.00 (red & gray) track suite tops. These prices are subsidised by the Assoc and these items are only available to senior members at these prices.

These are made weekly by the Group 2 Appointments Board. You will be advised by mail/Email of travel arrangements and appointments. No more than 5 persons are permitted per car and usage is on a rotational basis. The onus is placed on the referee or touch judge requiring travel to contact the car driver to arrange transport if required.
Generally speaking new members with little refereeing experience will be required to act as Touch Judges for a reasonable time before being appointed to centres.
Reports are issued (either verbal or written)to Referees and Touch Judges throughout the season by Board members after each match. These reports are designed to assist you in attaining a higher standard of refereeing or Touch Judging.
If you are dissatisfied with appointments an interview with the Board can be arranged through this Association.

Barry Heffernan (Coffs Harbour) & Chairman
Assisted by Association President Mr Ray Pettit ..non-active member of Assoc and Mr Nathan member of the Assoc.


The current match payments for 2016 as determined by Group 2 are:
First $120.00/ $45.00
Reserves $75.00/ $35.00
U/18 $75.00/ $35.00
Match payments are made for Junior Rugby League matches on a club to club basis. Official schoolboys fixture eg University Shield may attract match official fees at the referee’s discretion. Contact Assoc Secretary for details if you intend to charge for your services at such matches.
(All finals are additional 50%...Grand Final additional 100% of above payments.)
Fees for ALL TRIAL MATCHES ARE HALF OF THE ABOVE except Regional Trials where full fees are payable. No travel expenses are paid for Official or Non-Official Trial Matches including Regional Trials.
These fees are paid after each game by the home club. Payment is either by cheque or in cash.
This Association has determined that NO GST or TAX is payable on these payments. Conversely no claims can be made for clothing, etc in yearly taxation returns.
Travel expenses for 2011 have been determined as $0.35 per kilometer payable to Association. Note: As from 2011 distances for travel will be paid from your place of residence This is paid at the conclusion of the season to each member after deductions have been made by this Association for the following years Association fees.

■ Meets TUESDAY NIGHT 7.00 pm at Nambucca RSL Club when required


Bill Gibbons (Chairman)
Craig Duncan
Steve Spear
Steve Wilmen
John Cullen
Ms Bianca Pichaloff

PO Box 3295

Phone: 0265631701
Mobile 0428556618

■ Travel expenses of 35c/km is paid by Group 2 if a player is found guilty of charge. ALL RECORDS FOR THIS TRAVEL IS KEPT BY GROUP 2 APPT BOARD CHAIRMAN and paid at the end of the season to persons concerned. It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to keep personal records of moneys owing so that the Group can be advised of any discrepancies re payments at the end of the season.

■ Referees AND Touch Judges are required to attend Judiciary Hearings. Failure to attend Judiciary Hearings without a reasonable excuse will result in the Association being being fined and a possibility of you being disciplined by this Association.

■ IT IS ESSENTIAL that all Judiciary Sheets are filled out correctly and all details are accurate. Failure to attend Judiciary Hearings may result in the player being found innocent of the charge through lack of evidence. All details in regard to Judiciary matter can be found HERE!

Details in regard to major incident(s) should be noted and a written report immediately forwarded to Mr Jim Anderson with a copy to this Association ASAP. Inexperienced referees/touch judges should consult a more experienced referee before completing sheets.

These are conducted at 7.00 pm before some meetings. Advice will be given of these talks in Meeting Notices.

All active referees are expected to train. No formal training nights are conducted by this Association. Contact Nathan Grace (Coffs Harbour) if you are interested in formal training each Friday Night at Toormina Oval.

■ Convivial on Grand Final Day
■ Socialising after games and meetings. (Please support our sponsors for 2016.)
These are:
Coffs Harbour Hotel, Nambucca Hds RSL Club, Davis Alarmed Storage & Telstra
■ Weekend CRA Coaching camp held at Breakers Resort, Wollongong in February of each year. The NRAS Provider conduct seminar throughout the year for upgrades of referees’ cert.

These are to be signed by the referee after each game to indicate that the scores are correct. (You do not have to ensure that players' names and replacement numbers are correct.)
Any incidents that you wish to bring to the attention of the Group that happened during or after the match should be noted at the bottom of these sheets.

These may be arranged with neighbouring Groups/NSWRL once or twice throughout the season. Touch Judges and Referees may apply. You will be advised at meetings of relevant dates.


Assoc Secretary Mr John Cullen 91 McAlpine St BOAMBEE 2450
Mobile 0428657044

Assoc President Ray Pettit 6/21Baronia St, SAWTELL 2452
Mobile: 0412292425

Group 2 Chief Administrative Officer Jim Anderson 63 Crown St, BELLINGEN 2454
Phone: 66511791 Fax: 66550934 Mobile: 0408112994

Registration Secretary Peter O’Grady 7 South Pacific Drv SCOTTS HD 2447
Phone : 65698293 Fax: 65697216

Judiciary Chair Bill Gibbons PO Box 3295, WEST KEMPSEY 2440
Phone: 0265631701

Appt Board Chair Barry Heffernan
Mobile: 0427875109

NRAS Provider Mr Ray Pettit
Ray Pettit 6/21Baronia St, SAWTELL 2452
Mobile: 0412292425

Contact the Appt Board Chairman in the first instance if unavailable for appointment. If all else fails the Group Secretary (Jim Anderson. See contact details above.)
24 hrs notice MUST BE GIVEN if you cannot fulfill an appointment!
Finally, the Association is there to help all its members. By attending meetings regularly and participating in Association activities you will find refereeing a pleasurable and rewarding pastime.


1. Referees WILL NOT have to appear if players plead guilty to charge brought by /Appt Board or referee.

2. If a player is contesting a charge then the Referee and the Player (plus Touch Judges if necessary) will be required to attend a Judiciary Hearing. This is held at the Nambucca Hds RSL Club or at Coffs Harbour commencing at 7.00 pm on the Tuesday night following the player’s dismissal.

The use of racial comments on or off the field by players (racial vilification) will automatically be referred to The NSW Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission as required by the CRL and WILL NOT be dealt with by the Group 2 Judiciary Board.

Please make yourself familiar with Judiciary Procedures if a player is dismissed for Misconduct.
It is important to:
Get the charge right as per details in your judiciary book.

Consult with an experienced referee as to how the judicial form should be completed.

Use the “On Report” signal for minor breaches of verbal abuse of a match official. This signal is used on the field by the referee who has to note next to the player’s name on the team sheet after completion of match that he has been placed “on report”.


∙A member must not abuse, address in insulting terms, or act in a provocative manner towards a player, coach, club, spectator, junior league official, club official or association member.
∙A member must not while officiating in a game or at a ground use crude or abusive language or engage in conduct that is detrimental to the spirit or image of the association or game.
∙A member must act at all times and behave in a manner befitting of this association
∙A member must at all times maintain an acceptable dress standard when in attendance at grounds, meetings and social functions.
∙A member shall not without first consulting and obtaining the approval of the association through the secretary, write a column for publication in any media.
∙A member shall not at any comment in any publication whether it be written, televised or broadcast, detrimental to the interests, welfare or image of the association or rugby league in general.
∙A member shall not enter into any individual sponsorship agreement which conflicts with the spirit or substance of the sponsorship of the association. An individual sponsorship agreement must first be approved by the executive prior to its execution.
∙It shall be misconduct for any member to gamble on the result of any match for which this association provides referees.
∙Any member having a personal interest in a matter before the committee meeting or general meeting, must declare their interest prior to any vote being taken on the matter in question
∙Where the association receives a report of an alleged breach of this code of conduct the member(s) concerned shall be dealt with under the following terms of this constitution:

∙A complaint maybe made to the committee by any person that a member of this association:
❏Has refused or neglected to comply with a provision of this constitution or
❏Has persistently and willfully acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of this association.
On receiving a complaint the committee:
★must cause notice of the complaint to be served on the member(s) concerned, and
★must give the member at least 14 days from the time the notice is served within which to make submissions to the committee in connection to the complaint, and
★must take into consideration any submission by the member in connection with the complaint.
The Committee may, by resolution, expel the member from the Association, suspend the member from membership of the association or reprimand the member if, after considering the complaint and any submissions made in conjunction with the complaint, if it is satisfied that the facts alleged in the complaint have been proved.
If the committee expels or suspends a member, the Secretary must, within 7 days after the action is taken, cause written notice to be given to the member of the action taken, of the reasons given by the committee for having taken that action and of the members rights of appeal.

The expulsion or suspension does not take effect until:
∙The expiration of the period within which the member is entitled to appeal against the resolution concerned or
∙if within that period the member exercises the right of appeal, unless and until the association confirms the resolution of action(s) taken.

∙A member may appeal to the association against a resolution of a committee within 7 days after notice of resolution is served on the member, by lodging with the Secretary a notice to that effect.
∙The notice may, but need not, to be accompanied by a statement of the grounds on which the member intends to rely for the purposes of the appeal.
∙On receipt of notice of an appeal the Secretary must notify the committee which is convene a general meeting of the Association to be held within 28 days after the date the Secretary receives the notice
At a General Meeting of the association convened to hear such an appeal:
∙No business other than the question of the appeal shall be transacted and
∙the committee and the members must be given the opportunity to state their respective cases orally or in writing, or both, and
∙The members present, who are eligible to vote, shall vote by secret ballot on the question as to whether the resolution shall be confirmed or revoked.

In any contact with the media (TV, Radio Print) members are advised that permission must be granted by the any two (2) of the following Association Executive (, President, Secretary, Sr Vice President, Jun Vice President) to comment on any matter.

As a guideline the following are considered relevant and pro-active for the game:
∙Referees are free to explain any rulings or points of law regarding their game.
∙Comments on any NRL or CRL matches or positive refereeing decisions.
∙Explanations on how you are assessed
∙Comments on the general standard of Rugby League in Country NSW and beyond
∙Explanations on any law of rule of the game
∙Comments on enjoyable aspects of refereeing
∙Personal experiences from past refereeing performances
∙Training methods and general fitness work for refereeing
∙Rules and Laws of the Game. Classes for new referees.

The following matters are areas where members ARE NOT allowed/permitted to comment:
∙Predictions about the results of any Group 2 match
∙Selection for winning teams of any Group 2 fixtures
∙Selection of players in any Group 2 representative team
∙Appointment of any referee in any round of the competition
∙Best & Fairest point winners in any match
∙Performance of colleagues in any particular match
∙Faults and weaknesses perceived in the assessment system of your performance

As a general guideline, if any aspect is not covered above (in regard to commenting through the media) at all times the Rugby League, CRL, Group 2 and Members of this Association shall be put in a positive light. Any negative comments in regard to the above Rugby League bodies or other bodies associated with Rugby League shall be deemed to have breached this Media Code of Conduct.
This also applies to Internet social networking sites. eg Twitter, Facebook

Is a referee or touch judge is found to have breached this code of conduct they shall appear before the Association Executive to determine whether there is a case to answer. If it is determined that a member has a case to answer, the matter will be handed over to the Group 2 Management Committee for further investigation and determination of guilt or innocence.
If found guilty the Group 2 Executive will determine an appropriate penalty.

NOTE: This Code of Conduct has been arrived at after consultation with Group 2 CRL ,Members of this Association and media representatives within Group 2 .


ACTION............. CONSEQUENCE................ COMMENT
Failure to purchase or be provided permanently with (by other members) mandatory refereeing “gear” essential for match officials. Suspended from appointments until requirement met. Mandatory gear shall consist of a Referee’s Jumper & Radio.
Note: Socks, first set of touch judge flags, & shorts are provided free.
Failure to wear sponsors’ logos on shorts or match official’s jumper. Suspended from appointments until requirement met.
Wearing of any match officials’ apparel that has sponsorship other than promoting the sponsors of this Association. Suspended from the Association for a minimum period of two weeks. If this occurs on more than two occasions the member will not be appointed to matches under the control of the CRL until such time as he/she agrees to cease wearing such apparel
Any action that is of a lewd or sexual nature whilst acting as a match official Suspended from the Association for a minimum period of 5 weeks
Any foul or abusive language directed at players or spectators whilst acting as a match official, Suspended from this Association for a period of 5 weeks.
Failing to fulfill appointments without a reasonable excuse. Suspended for appointments for minimum period of 2 weeks. If this happens on more than three occasions in a season the member will not be appointed to any match for the rest of the current season.

Failing to attend a match without the following sanctioned equipment:
Touch Judge: Flags, Shorts, Socks, Boots, Judiciary Book, Radio
Referee: Whistle, Socks, Shorts, Boots, Judiciary Book, Radio

Suspended from appointments for a minimum period of 1 week.

Suspended from appointments for a minimum period of 1 week.
Attends any Group 2 fixture dressed in a manner that could bring himself and this Association into disrepute. Suspended from this Association for a minimum period of two weeks. This includes the wearing of thongs, inappropriate T/Shirts, trousers or jumpers.
Failing to attend matches at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the game without a reasonable excuse on at least two occasions. Suspended from appointments for a period of one week.
Failure to advise the Chairman of the Appointment’s Board of being unable to fulfill an appointment within 24 hours of advertised starting time of a game without a reasonable excuse. Suspended from appointments for minimum period of 2 weeks.
Wearing of sponsors’ logos that have not been appropriately attached to the match officials gear. Suspended from appointments until logos are satisfactorily attached to gear. This includes “pinning”, etc of logos to gear.

NOTE: Members who is suspended for a breach of the Code Of Ethics of this Association will have the right of appeal.

∙ A member may appeal to the association against a resolution of a committee within 7 days after notice of resolution is served on the member, by lodging with the Secretary a notice to that effect.