NOTE: You MUST attend a meeting of the Association to become a FULL SENIOR MEMBER AND ACT AS A MATCH OFFICIAL IN GROUP 2 SENIOR LEAGUE.


Junior Members DO NOT have to attend a meeting of the Association to become members.!

The Association Secretary will be in contact to grant you PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP of the Association (at his discretion) until you can attend a
meeting of the General Committee where your Membership Application will be dealt with.

ASSOCIATION FEES FOR 2015 have been set as follows and MUST accompany application
Senior Non- Active (Must hold a Referees' Accreditation NOT required): $20.00 (No voting rights..includes $5.00 CRLRA Registration))
Senior Active (Must hold a Referees' Accreditation IS required): $80.00 (Includes $60 SLE Insurance + $5.00 CRLRA Registration)
Associate/Social (Referees' Cert NOT required: $20.00 (No voting rights....NO CRLRA Affiliation payable.)
Junior Active $8.00 if U/18 years of age on 1/1/15 & STILL ATTENDING SCHOOL. (No voting rights)
Junior Active $68.00 if OVER 18 years of age on 1/1/15. (No voting rights)

NOTE: If acting as a match official in Group 2 Senior Competition Membership is $80 per year REGARDLESS OF AGE.

NOTE: These fees may be paid by Direct Deposit. Click HERE for BANK DETAILS. Please use your name as reference when doing a direct deposit to Association funds.

MEMBERSHIP WILL NOT BE GRANTED unless the appropriate fee is paid first!

You CANNOT be appointed to Junior or Senior League matches without payment of fees, completion of Membership Application AND be Registered with the NRAS.

If you have previously been registered with the NRAS (National Referees Accreditation Scheme) you can reregister for 2015 HERE.

If it is the FIRST TIME that you are registering with the NRAS you MUST/CAN ONLY register HERE!

If you are uncertain how to register on the NRAS database please contact the Association Secretary HERE for guidance.